Brian K. Robertson, Sr.

Social Work Intern 

Brian K. Robertson, Sr. is a 1989 graduate of Jeanerette Senior High School, located in Jeanerette, Louisiana. In August of 2007, I decided to attend college. I first attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette from 2007, 2009-2011, and South Louisiana Community College in New Iberia, Louisiana, in 2008 for remedial courses. I began classes at Grand Canyon University in August of 2011 and graduated in October 2014 with my Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Summa Cum Laude. I like the enhancing of thought and discovery that the college experience has brought thus far. The most challenging part of this experience for me has been the balancing of being a single parent, working full time, and travel. All in all, I have found ways to make it work.

            I have been working since the first week after my high school graduation. I am a very independent individual. I have worked in the sugarcane fields, retail, aviation, oilfield, and presently am a social worker. Currently, I am employed as a Child Welfare Specialist in the Extended Foster Care program and case manager for the Department of Children and Family Services, where I have been employed for five and a half years. What I have liked most about my job experiences is that each one has taught me something that I can use in my lifetime on this earth. In my goal of obtaining my Master of Social Work (MSW) - Social Work with Children and Families in April of 2021, I plan to work as a licensed or mastered social worker, or work in some form or capacity of working with children. The employment opportunity for a sociology graduate with a master’s degree is so broad that I may explore other options if my choices are not available at that time.


            In not only my spare time but most of the time, I am attending church or a function at church. I love serving God, and I love spending time with my son. I enjoy reading the Holy Bible daily, and whenever I do read other material, I like to read books about slavery and also suspense novels. I love to watch suspense, comedy, and scary movies. I do not travel much, but I have traveled to the Bahamas, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Washington state, and Texas in my lifetime. I have lived most of my life in Jeanerette, Louisiana. I have one son, who is God’s spiritual blessing to me; my parents are still married, and I have one sister and a brother. I am the youngest, but more like the “go-to person” of my family.

I am obtaining a Master of Social Work (MSW) - Social Work with Children and Families, first of all, to do better for myself. Secondly, for my son to see his father achieve positive things, so that he may one day surpass the man that I am, on his route to being successful. I decided on enrolling in the Master of Social Work (MSW) - Social Work with Children and Families program, after loving what I do and being able to further assist in the lives of others, by educating myself in the needed areas. My studies will indeed ensure my success in obtaining, learning, becoming, fulfilling, maintaining, and developing into a great individual that God, my son, my family, and the world can be ready to receive.