Business Services 

Winters Mental Health and Consulting proudly offers business consulting services to private practice and others types of business. Our CEO, Leon C. Winters, LCSW-BACS typically leads the business consulting team but has trained the staff on business consultations. Scroll down to look at the business services offered by Mr. Winters and the staff 

Our Business Services 

Virtual Assistant 

 Insurance Credentialing 

You have decided to accept insurance in your practice but do not know where to get started. Our team can either complete your credentialing for you or consult with you to ensure that your credentialing is done correctly the first time. From filling out your CAQH, obtaining NPI and processing all paperwork, our staff can ensure your 

credentialing is done quickly and efficiently

Business Consulting

Have you dreamed about your business and need a little assistance to turn that dream into a reality? Our team will assist you in forming your LLC, marketing, payment structures, increasing clientele, accessing contracts and much more. Business consulting is therapy for your business. Give us a call to strategize the best approach to growing your practice. 

Does processing insurance claims and balancing the books take up too much of your time? We have a team of professionals available to provide the essentials to keep the books balanced and the insurance claims processed. We even offer the exact services you would need without all of the extras.