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Jerrick Comeaux

Board Certified -
Behavioral Analyst

Jerrick Comeaux MA, BCBA, LBA is a native of Opleousas Louisiana, where he attended Beau Chene High School until 2014, receiving his high school diploma. He joined Winters Mental Health and Consulting as a BCBA in 2023, servicing Lafayette, Louisiana location.  He is a full-time Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, licensed in the state of Louisiana . Mr.  Comeaux attend McNeese State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2018, and later earned his master’s degree in psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis at McNeese State University in Lake Charles Louisiana. During his undergrad and graduate years, Mr. Comeaux worked as a registered line technician.  It was during this time Jerrick Fell in love with ABA and the impact he made on the children and family lives. 


During Jerrick's second year of graduate school, COVID made things difficult and the city of Lake Charles for devastated by hurricanes Laura and Delta. The city was further impacted by a winter freeze and a devastating flood in May 2021.  These adverse event forced Mr. Comeaux to relocate Lafayette, but even the anguish he endured did not prevent him from accomplishing his goal.  Mr. Comeaux then earned his master’s degree in May 2021 and then went on to receive his BCBA certification in May of 2022. 


Mr. Comeaux has extensive experience with early intensive behavioral interventions, as well as social skills training, conducting adolescent social groups, functional living skills, home skills and independent living skills. His goal is to improve the overall quality of life for his clients and their families, not to change the children’s personalities. The goal is to accept and embrace those children, to help the kids have a better quality of life and give their families the skills to help their children. Jerrick believes a family’s race, religion or background should not affect how they are treated or the quality of care they receive and that everyone deserves the best service and care possible. Jerrick understands that people that look like him may come from a lower income situation, similar to his up bringing. IN addition, Mr. Comeaux understands that all clients deserve the best  treatment and care.  It brings him joy when a family member can express that their child has made improvement, gain a new skill and the skill that may seem simple to others, but those small victories validate his reasoning for doing his job.  Mr. Comeaux loves working with pre- teens and teenagers and feels as though they get look over when it comes to ABA services and has a passion for helping them with social skills and life skills that will help live independent lives.


Jerrick married his beautiful wife, Kiranika Comeaux in November of 2022. Mrs. Comeaux is also a BCBA and they met while studying ABA together at McNeese. They both share a strong love for ABA. Jerrick  is a huge nerd who enjoys watching anime, attending anime conventions with his wife, fashion culture, he is a big-time sneaker head, and loves video games. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated.  Mr. Comeaux believes that his transition from poverty, and challenges throughout his life has built character development and shaped him into the man he is today to be within this field. Jerrick loves to be an example to all young African American men, and to show them and other that no matter the field, challenges, or obstacle, that someone that look like him can make an impact on people lives.

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